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Is this your first 5K race? Get moving with these 5 tips

1. Running is healthy and good for you!

You probably already know this, but it doesn't hurt to read it again. Running is proven to be healthy for both body and mind. Among other things, it improves metabolism and heart function, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and strengthens the immune system.

And there's no question about it: you'll also get closer to your dream figure. Running is also good for the psyche. If only it weren't for our periodic lack of will power! Our tips will help you overcome that!

2. Just start running, but be relaxed about it and don’t stress out

Sounds easy - and it is. Find your sports outfit, grab your sports shoes (ideally running shoes) and start running! The most important thing: don't overdo it and don't stress yourself out!

It doesn't matter how long or how far you run. Start very slowly and try to feel your body consciously with every step. Does anything hurt? Is the pace comfortable right now? How does it feel to breathe? If you feel like it is getting too hard, slow down or take a short break.

3. Stay patient and set realistic goals.

True to the saying "good things come to those who wait", patience is also a must when running. If you want to conquer five kilometres, you shouldn't start with five kilometres or run five days a week.

Take it easy. If you notice that you can handle one kilometre, then run two. Try to get regularity into your running. Once a week is a good start. Increase the distance gradually and listen to your body's response.

4. Breaks are essential

Breaks are to running as the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is to SCC EVENTS - essential. Are you exhausted from your run? Thenake at least one to three days off. If you notice that your muscles are sore, that's not a bad sign at first.

It is important to give the sore muscles two to three days to recover so that you can run again without pain. At the beginning it is completely normal to feel more muscle soreness in your legs, but this will become less and less after each running session. That's a promise!

5. Mindset and motivation

The weather is bad, there are chores to be done, it's your aunt's birthday – you can always come up with plenty of excuses! The crucial thing is how you can still manage to find time to get out of your own way and do something good for yourself. What can you use to motivate yourself?

Is it a playlist with your favourite songs? A training partner? Or a relay race with your colleagues? Believe in yourself! Fight your way through! Set yourself a realistic goal and try to achieve it with all your will power. You can do more than you might admit! Boost your mindset: I can do it! You can reward yourself at the Berliner Wasserbetriebe 5 x 5K TEAM-Relay!