21st Berliner Wasserbetriebe 5 x 5 km TEAM-Relay from 11 until 13 August 2021

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Registration Information

  • Hygiene

    We will make any necessary adjustments to the organisation of the event with reference to the SARS-CoV-2 Containment Ordinance as soon as the situation for the event period can be sufficiently assessed.

  • Approach


    There will be no parking lots available. We recommend using the public transportation.


    Public Transport

    Subway: Bundestag U55, U5

    Train: Hauptbahnhof (S3, S5, S7, S75)


    Subject to change.

  • Age group & ranking

    Age Groups 
    Year of Birth
    YOUNGSTERS 2002 and younger
    2002 - 1981
    1980 - 1971
    SUPERMASTER 1970 and older

    If all of the participants in a team are not in the same age category, the team will be ranked in the age group of the youngest participant (not including YOUNGSTERS).

    (Men/Women, separate categories)

    • Clubs/Running Groups/For Fun Runners
    • Companies


  • Relay Batons

    Every team must bring a baton to pass on to the next runner.

    The transitions are one of the highlights of the race. The more original they are, the easier they are for the teams to identify to ensure a quick transtion. There are no limits to the creativity.

    Of course, if needed, you can borrow a "normal" baton on site.


    *Subject to change.

  • Starting blocks

    The start will take place in three waves.

    Tip: By starting in waves, the large field of runners will be spread out better along the course, which will help to prevent bottlenecks.

    In order to plan your transitions better, decide before the race which of the three waves the starting runner will be in.

  • Race Materials

    Updated information regarding the pick up of your race materials will follow as soon as possible. 

  • Name of the Team

    A teamname is obligatory.

    It can be your club, company, or family name (if you all have the same name) or one your make up. Everything is allowed.

    If you are registered as a company team, all of the participants must be company employees.

  • Eligibility

    5x5 Relay:

    • Women
    • Men
    • Youth
    • Mixed relays (will be included in the men's ranking)

    According to the German Athletics Association may participate following vintages in these competitions:

    5 km run - from U 12 (11/10 years)

  • Participation fee


    Registration period Adult
      100,00 €

    Prices per Realy. A picnic basket is included for each team.  
    Every basket will include one bottle of red wine.

    Not enough? You can order more during the registration process.


  • Limitation of participants

    Limit of participants: 1.900 teams / event day

    Time limit is three hours.



  • Date & Starting Times

    The 5x5 km Berliner Wasserbetriebe TEAM Relay will take place from August 11- 13, 2021.


    Starting times for each day:

    Team Relay - 6:30 pm (5x5 km)


    *Subject to change.

  • Event Venue

    Lawn in Tiergarten, between John-Foster-Duelles-Allee and the Sculpture Garden at the Federal Chancellory.


    *Subject to change.

  • Timekeeping

    Timekeeping will be kept using the ChampionChip!

    No individual times will be kept, meaning there will only be a total team time.
    Every team will get 2 loaner ChampionChips (plastic transponders) with the race materials, which the first and last runners must affice to the laces of their shoes (do not use metal, or the timekeeping will not work)

    Chip Return

    There are chip return centres in the finish area that will be open until about 10:30 pm. The Chips are single-use only, and must be returned immediately after the race. If a Chip is not returned by 10:30 pm, a fee of 25 Euros will be charged (invoice will follow after the event). 

    Affixing the Chip

    Please attach the Chip securely to the laces of the shoe (do not use metal, or the timekeeping will not work). To ensure that you do not lose them, please do not use velcro to secure the Chips.

    Please Note

    Fair play is expected from every participant. You must stay on the marked course. If you leave the course, you will be disqualified.
    The race bib must be attached to your chest. If you alter the race bib in any manner you will be disqualified.


    Provided by Mika Timing GmbH, Strundepark, Kürtener Straße 11 B 51465 Bergisch-Gladbach, Tel. (02202) 240 11 13 info@championchip.de

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