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13 tips for your first inline skating marathon


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Marathon – a challenge that no inline skater should miss out on. When else can you enjoy the cheers of 250,000 spectators? At this year's BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, we expect again about 1,000 newcomers who will skate their first ever marathon. Five and a half weeks before the start it is high time for the final touches. We’ll tell you what’s important in preparation, how to get the most out of your last days before the competition, and what’s important in the race.

Anyone who has not registered yet, can still do so until August 29. A late registration will not possible.


The boot has to fit
A well-fitting boot is the most important requirement for optimum power transfer to the road.

Keep exercising
If you are not able to train regularly, for at least the last four weeks before the race you should be sure to get in about 40-60 minutes of training three times a week to develop your stamina – preferably on skates or a bike.

Different intensities
Unlike running, the effort required during an inline race is not evenly balanced. Therefore, you should always change up the pace within longer sessions.

Time to warm up
Skating requires a good awareness of both body and balance. Take time for a full warm-up before each training session.

Skating in a group
If possible, do not train alone, but skate at least once in a group before participating in a marathon. This not only will give you more confidence for the competition, but you can also experience saving up to 30 percent of your power by taking advantage of the slipstream created by the skater ahead of you. If you do not have a training partner, you can get used to skating in a group by attending a night skating event.

A trick from the pros
Do it like the pros and take a break from training two days before the competition. The day before the marathon, go on a short but intense skate (about 15-20 minutes) to get you pumped.

The health check – Am I really fit?
Inline skating is often mocked by runners as the “easier” way to compete in a marathon. No question, the preparation time and stress on your body during the race are usually less on skates than in running shoes. But the cardiovascular burden is not to be underestimated even during an inline marathon! Therefore, get a health check by a doctor.

Do not forget to check your equipment
What good is the best training if the equipment fails? Rollers, bearings, screws and boots need to be in good condition too.

The race

Keep calm at the start
A marathon is not a sprint and is not decided during the first few metres. At the start, you should keep calm and not try to reach your maximum speed; otherwise you risk falling and wasting your energy before it really gets started.

Stay realistic
Realistically estimate your performance. If you started skating just a few months ago, then your finish time really doesn’t matter.

Always have your own speed under control
Even in competition, sudden braking maneuvers can be important. Therefore, skate only as fast as your technical abilities allow.

Save strength by skating in the slipstream
Together you can get to the finish faster. Save up to 30 percent of your power by skating in the slipstream of the person ahead of you. Every year, more skaters decide to experience the marathon in guided groups. Especially newcomers, who may be nervous with all of the people, can benefit from the Experts Marathon Guides.

Drink regularly during the marathon
Sufficient hydration is crucial. Above all, it is important to rehydrate during the race, since if you get dehydrated, you risk a drop in performance, convulsions or even collapse. At the BERLIN-MARATHON EXPO we provide you with a water bottle to be independent during the race.


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