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Successful despite double duties

A conversation with Katharina Rumpus


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The 25-year-old Katharina Rumpus of the Powerslide Matter World Team is considered to be one of the fastest female inline skaters in Germany. She has already won the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON four times. Despite intensive, time-consuming training, she also successfully completed her studies last year. Now the aspiring high school teacher of mathematics and sports is finishing up her required student teaching. We asked last year's winner what she is doing and what she has planned for the upcoming races.

You have already collected numerous medals at national and international championships. Last year you won the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON for the first time. What does this success on the streets of Berlin mean for you?
Even as a child, it was my dream to once win the BERLIN-MARATHON. After nine attempts and five spots on the podium, reaching the top step made me infinitely happy. I will never forget that win and the moment I crossed the finish line. These were pure emotions and I am very proud of it.

What took place after the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON? How did you spend the winter months?
In May, I finished my teaching degree with the first state examination. To reward myself after the BERLIN-MARATHON, I traveled through New Zealand in an RV for five weeks with a friend from my studies.

How did you experience the double duties of teacher training and skating training?
The double burden was not always easy. Especially if you know what it is like to just skate. For me it was out of the question to drop my studied. It was very good for me to have my studies going on in the background, especially since I was able to combine both well. I trained twice a day, and in between I attended classes or studies. Especially the sports studies were enjoyable. I would do it again.

As a prospective teacher, you are now very involved with your work. How has your training routine changed?
On January 7, I started my student teaching in Neckarsulm. I really enjoy it. I just love working with children and sharing my knowledge with them. But I also have to say that the student teaching is much more stressful than studying. I cannot divide my time as easily and had to reduce the quantity of my training significantly. In the morning, three hours of cycling is just not possible anymore. So instead, I am increasing the intensity. I think I'm in good shape despite everything. I try to reconcile both. Time will tell how successful I will be.

What do you have planned for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON and the upcoming season?
I definitely want to compete in the half marathon and the marathon. I'll see what shape I am in when I cross the finish line.

Your dad is active as an inline trainer, your longtime partner Felix Rijhnen is also a successful skater. Do you find time for any other topics?
At the moment there is hardly time for anything outside of training and school. I'm looking all the more forward to the holidays. In any case, it is good for me to exhaust myself after school before going back to my desk in the afternoon. I get on very well with my parents. I am very grateful that they support me, as does Felix, too.

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