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To the members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club - 1,579 members from a total of 14 countries

Welcome to the Club – the new members of the Jubilee-Club



To the members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club - 1,579 members from a total of 14 countries To the members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club - 1,579 members from a total of 14 countries

We are publishing the letter here, which all members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club received before the holidays together with our informational brochure “RUNNING News”.

Dear Jubilee Club members,
Shortly after the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on September 25, 2005, we published a welcome letter and the names of the new members on our website.  Nonetheless, many of the members still do not have internet access. We are thus presenting the letter again – and are complementing it here with the latest information together with the most recent “Running News 2005”.

The BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club experienced a boost in growth at the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on September 25, 2005.

86 new members, of an original 96 registered participants who had set their goals for their 10th successful participation in the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, successfully reached the finish.
The new members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club were honoured at 2 p.m. under beautiful sunny skies on the awards stage directly in front of the Brandenburg Gate under the applause of the many friends and spectators.

Constanze Scholz, the colleague responsible for the Jubilee-Club, was well prepared for the celebration and had along a good supply of the green t-shirts.
Speaker Burkhard Swara greeted each “new” member by name on stage, and Senior Race Director Horst Milde congratulated each runner for their great personal achievements – and for their long-lasting and commendable loyalty to the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON – with a handshake.
One celebrity runner is also included in the names of the new members: Wolfgang Weising, Chief Editor of the running magazine LAUFZEIT, completed his 10th BERLIN- MARATHON.

‘Everlasting’ green race numbers

With their successful admission into the exclusive Jubilee-Club, all new members receive  ‘everlasting’ green race numbers for the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, as well as a free subscription to the RUNNING News, which is delivered several times a year, to help them maintain their connection to the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON. In addition, there is a wide selection of souvenirs available for the club members.

Not all of the successful new members were present at the celebration - some had not yet reached the finish by 2 p.m. and others were hindered for some reason or another. They naturally received their t-shirts and certificates by mail.
As a memento, we will also be sending out the group photo to the new members in the new year.

Bernd Hübner, the record holder with 32 times successfully participating in the real,- BERLIN -MARATHON, unfortunately arrived a little bit late to the celebration, but despite some ailments, he did successfully survive the race.

Here is an overview of the leaders with their “everlasting” race numbers:

201 Bernd Hübner   32 times participating
425 Günter Hallas   30 times participating (winner of the 1st BERLIN-MARATHON in 1974)
415 Wilfried Köhnke  30 times participating
202 Heinrich Waldmann  29 times participating
207 Werner Feistel  28 times participating
203 Heinz-Joachim Giesler 28 times participating
206 Bernd Rödel  28 times participating
204 Uwe Meseberg  27 times participating
209 Lothar Thiel  27 times participating 
211 Hartmut Fringel   26 times participating 
524 Wolfgang Hartleben   26 times participating 
797 Horst Idelberger   26 times participating 

F101 Christl Heine   24 times participating
F103 Hannelore Reusch   23 times participating
F102 Regina Sowinski     23 times participating

1,579 members from a total of 14 countries

The BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club incessantly keeps on growing – the run on the green race numbers continues - which we are very pleased about.
There are now 1,579 members from a total of 14 countries (108 female runners, 1,455 male runners and 16 wheelchair athletes), who we have been able to welcome into the club, and the number of those applying to become members of the attractive Jubilee Club of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON continues to grow.

We would like to wish all of the members lots more fun running, and good health, of course, and we look forw

1,579 members from a total of 14 countries

We would like to wish all of the members lots more fun running, and good health, of course, and we look forward to seeing you again at the next SCC-RUNNING events.
Merry Christmas and have a successful running year in 2006.

Horst Milde and Bernd Hübner

Your contact person for any questions or further information is:
Constanze Scholz in the running office of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON
Telephone: 00 49 30 30 12 88 13
Fax:  00 49 30 30 12 88 20

Here is an overview of the new members in the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee-Club:

no. name, city


1578 Ernst Maur Düsseldorf             
1579 Wolfgang Kaselow Eutin             
1580 Andreas Rothnick Berlin             
1581 Jürgen Jünemann Heilbad Heiligenstadt             
1582 Jürgen Matz Sarstedt             
1583 Dieter Kneiding Berlin             
1584 Andreas Braun Berlin             
1585 Thomas Enck Lüdinghausen             
1586 Thomas Schönborn Stahnsdorf             
1587 Karl Heisterkamp Emsdetten             
1589 Martin Nufer Gerlingen             
1590 Dr. Christian Grävinghoff Rheine             
1591 Prof. Dr. Manfred Erbsland Mannheim             
1592 Jochen Römer Bremen             
1593 Thomas Diener Schriesheim             
1594 Eckart Schwalm Berlin             
1595 Uwe Kunze Oldenburg             
1596 Mario Arlt Berlin             
1597 Wolfgang Weising Berlin             
1598 Helmut Pfeiffer Berlin             
1599 Jürgen Wardin Essen             
1600 Dennis van den Bergh Berlin             
1601 Hermann Krage Spelle             
1602 Lars Rose Berlin             
1603 Jean Ciniclis Berlin             
1604 Johannes Heinen Braunschweig             
1605 Henry Maiwald Berlin             
1606 Andreas Webner Glienicke             
1607 Joachim Neumann Berlin             
1608 Burkhard Pischnick Berlin             
1609 Dieter Matzat Freiburg am Neckar             
1610 Armin Wikmann Weil am Rhein             
1611 Guenter Petri Berlin             
1612 Bernd Möhle Berlin             
1613 Dr. Dietmar Rau Glindow             
1615 Klaus Czok Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock             
1616 Manuel Roth Berlin             
1617 Christian Reich Berlin             
1618 Hans Peter Wollny Berlin             
1619 Harald Nehls Bersenbrück             
1621 Dr. Dietmar Balzer Reinach SCHWEIZ            
1622 Dieter Kopp Remscheid             
1623 Jörg Schubert Flöha             
1625 Dr. Alfred F. Maringer Saarlouis             
1626 Sven Lischinsky Berlin             
1628 Joachim Kleppel Berlin             
1629 Thomas Bertram Osnabrück             
1630 Ralf Görgens Stuttgart             
1631 Harald Lerche Fredersdorf             
1632 Wolfgang Eirmbter Meerbusch             
1633 Volker Günther Hille             
1634 Gerhard Rossow Bad Freienwalde             
1635 Detlef Erasmus Bad Münder             
1636 Matthias Freitag Berlin             
1637 Christoph Neuhann Bremen             
1638 Siegfried Schmitz Kiel             
1639 Bernd Wolfgang Bär Bünde             
1640 Hans-Peter Engelbrecht Schalksmühle             
1641 Jürgen Schuppan Dresden             
1642 Werner Rotter Berlin             
1643 Wolfgang Schlowinski Bad Segeberg             
1644 Ralf Fähsing Magdeburg             
1645 Thomas Hensel Berlin             
1646 Thomas Schwarzer Potsdam             
1648 Stefan Scholz Berlin             
1649 Christian Müller-Reinecke Alfeld/Leine             
1650 Norbert Twele Coppengrave             
1651 Morten Bladt Odense SV DÄNEMARK            
1652 Detlev Paul Berlin             
1653 Peter Hanney Berlin             
1654 Raymond Bublak Großmachnow/Gemeinde Rangsdorf             
1655 Anders Nygaard Christoffersen Dyssegard DÄNEMARK            
1656 Norbert Klossek Berlin             
1657 Andreas Mohr Berlin             
1659 Bernfried Krüger Berlin             
1660 Stefan Kaiser Berlin             
1661 Dr. Jens Olaf Mielcke Berlin             
1662 Georg Biekötter Berlin             
1663 Erik Stephan Sandhausen             
1664 Jens Kämtner Nuthetal             
1665 Marcus Thompson Liederbach             
1666 Christian Krause Heusenstamm             
1667 Eberhard Schwarz Paulinenaue             
1668 Gunther Kämmerer Berlin  Berlin           
1669 Niels Pedersen Vejen DÄNEMARK            
1670 Dirk Erdmann Norderstedt             
1671 Werner Zanelli Berlin             
1672 Detlef Peters Rosengarten-Eckel             
1673 Frank Bo Pedersen Odder DÄNEMARK            
F200 Meike Schumann Hamburg             
F201 Jutta Bahlau Berlin             
F202 Daniela Matzke Berlin             
F203 Jutta Imlau Berlin             
F205 Bettina Börner Großziethen             
F206 Meike Schumann Hamburg             
F207 Ursula von Knobloch Berlin             
F208 Anna Unsöld Ingolstadt             




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