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To the members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club

Jubilee Club Information 2/2005 – On its way to 1,500 members


Logo of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club

Invitation to the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on September 25, 2005

Dear BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club Members,

Following our letter and invitation to the 25th Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON on April 3, 2005, now the 32nd real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 25, 2005 is slowly approaching.
The “little brother“ of the BERLIN-MARATHON has developed well, and a total of 18,331 athletes from 69 countries participated in all of the competitions of the BERLIN HALF MARATHON. This year’s BERLIN MARATHON will also record an increase in participation. The running scene continues to progress, and we as the organisers are very pleased about this.

Continuing to grow

The BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club is also continuing to grow, and we are slowly approaching the 1,500 mark. 1,467 members from 14 countries, including 99 women and 16 wheelchair competitors, have thus far registered in our club. The new members who joined after March 17, 2005 are listed by name in the appendix. We would like to cordially welcome them into our club!
69 new registrations for 2005

We have thus far received 69 new registrations for the club, and all of those applying have successfully finished the BERLIN MARATHON 9 times. On September 25, 2005, they will hopefully all successfully cross the finish on the Straße des 17. Juni after passing through the Brandenburg Gate. We are planning on honouring the new members on stage after the race.

As you most likely already know, the limit this year was raised to 40,000 participants - which also already has been reached. No more general participation will be allowed, but club members can still register until August 26, 2005.
Please also not that due to numerous construction sites in Berlin there will be a few minor changes in the course. The speed of the course will not suffer from the changes, however, so no excuses for being slower this year!

For the second time - after Naoko Takahashi - a reigning Olympic champion will participate. Mizuki Noguchi from Japan hopes to improve on her best time in Berlin—which already lies at 2:21:18!

"201" leads the men - "F 101" leads the women

In recognition of the “front-runners” in participation in the BERLIN-MARATHON:Bernd Hübner (Berlin) with race number "201" leads the men with 31 times participating and Christl Heine (Berlin) with race number "F 101" leads the women with 23 times participating.Here is an overview of the “front-runners” with their “everlasting” race numbers:


201 Bernd Hübner 31- 425 Günter Hallas 29 (Winner of the 1st BERLIN-MARATHON 1974) - 415 Wilfried Köhnke 29 - 202 Heinrich Waldmann 28 - 207 Werner Feistel 27 - 203 Heinz-Joachim Giesler 27 - 206 Bernd Rödel 27 - 204 Uwe Meseberg 26 - 209 Lothar Thiel 26 - 211 Hartmut Fringel 25 -   524 Wolfgang Hartleben 25 - 797 Horst Idelberger 25 -


F101 Christl Heine 23 - F103 Hannelore Reusch 22 - 25 - F102 Regina Sowinski 22 -


Bernd Hübner and his wife Monika, together with a few faithful volunteers will once again be hosting the Jubilee booth at the BERLIN VITAL Fall fair at the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON from September 22-24 at the fairgrounds under the Funkturm, where you can get together and exchange information with other members or get advice.

The extra race numbers for your backs will also be distributed here. And of course there will also be coffee, cookies, cake and much more!

Horst Milde and Bernd Hübner will remain the contact people for all Jubilee Club members.

Training – and the cult races in preparation for the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2005

Bernd Hübner has been organising special training sessions for Jubilee Club members (others are welcome as well) for several years in the Grunewald forest – meeting every Sunday at 9 a.m. at Waldschulallee 23 at the Mommsen Stadium.

July 31: Only “Two months“ until the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON – Start at 9 a.m. at Mommsen Stadium -

August 28: Only “Four Weeks” until the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON (30 km) – Start at 9 a.m. in the Eichkamp Stadium –

September 18: “Just one more week“ – Cult race on the original marathon course from 1974 – Start at Waldschulallee 80 (original start) – Oxygen Recuperation Run with a celebration at the finish at the Stadium.

Souvenir flyer

The new Souvenir flyer from the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club is also included, with a collection of items for members. All orders should be made through the Souvenir Shop or at the Jubilee booth or souvenir stand at the BERLIN VITAL Fall fair.

Further information on joining the Jubilee Club as well as all the names of the existing members can be found on the special internet pages:


We hope to see you in Berlin!

Sincerely yours,

Horst Milde und Bernd Hübner

For inquiries and further information, please contact:

Constanze Scholz in the running office of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON constanze.scholz@berlin-marathon.com

Telephone: (030) 30 12 88 13  Fax: (030) 30 12 88 20


Race number First Name Last Name City Country No. of marathons
F197 Brigitte Dau Berlin   12
F198 Dragica Vranic Berlin   10
F199 Andrea Oeltjebruns Wardenb./Tungeln 10
1549 Thomas Freitag Berlin   10
1550 Dr. Michael Guschmann Berlin   10
1551 Christian Wehrli Uster SUI 10
1552 Detlef Schulze Berlin   10
1553 Torsten Bönig Belzig   10
1554 Ingo Weber Berlin   12
1555 Martin Krone Berlin   10
1556 Wolfgang Richter Magdeburg 11
1557 Dieter Müller Berlin   10
1558 Rainer Heinrich Berlin   10
1559 Volker Hegemann Berlin   10
1560 Werner Albrecht Hamburg   10
1561 Ronald Dietzel Berlin   10
1562 Wolfram Thieme Berlin   10
1563 Troels Skov Jensen Kalundborg DEN 10
1564 Gerhard Müller Bocholt   10
1565 Jürgen Götte Schwielowsee 10
1566 Olaf Habler Hagen   10
1567 Ulrich Beste Hannover   10
1568 Karl-Fr. Anwander Bielefeld   11
1569 Heiko tom Wörden Berlin   11

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