21st Berliner Wasserbetriebe 5 x 5 km TEAM-Relay from 2 until 4 June 2021

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Welcome to the Club!

To all new and existing members of the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club.


In the wake of the successful 28th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on 30 September 2001 the Jubilee Club, too, can present a proud track record:

54 participants of this run successfully crossed the finishing line – now relocated to Tauentzienstrasse – for the tenth time.

The majority of new members were presented with their certificates and the coveted green Jubilee T-shirts right away during the presentation ceremony on Breitscheidplatz next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

All other “newcomers” received their hard-won “trophies” by post sent to their home addresses. The booth of the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club during the Marathon Show at the Radio Tower Exhibition Centre provided an ideal meeting place for our members.

Bernd Hübner and Head of Unit Thomas Bobbert renewed old acquaintances and added a host of new pictures of our members to the Jubilee Archives. We have posted the pictures and information about our Jubilee members on the real,- BERLIN MARATHON web site. And, of course, the Club’s range of souvenirs together with the products offered for sale by the Sports Club also proved very popular indeed.

BMJC record holder Bernd Hübner completed his 28th BERLIN MARATHON the following day.

Klaus Feierabend, a running priest and by now well renowned for his ecumenical evening service at Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on the night before the run, is also a very successful participant who this year completed his 21st BERLIN MARATHON.

Having participated ten times, Dr. Reiner Pilz, who is in charge of wheelchair participants, is now also a proud member of the Jubilee Club. We would like to congratulate all other members on their participation in Berlin and a successful completion of the run.

The number of members has risen to a total of 904 (854 men, 58 women, 12 wheelchair users). 74 of them come from the following 14 countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Every so often participants approach the organisers’ office for results achieved decades ago because they lost their certificates or other records of their participation. And indeed, the long searches through the result lists prove successful as in the case of one participant who only last week proved that he had indeed 20 successful BERLIN MARATHONS under his belt.

Best regards

Horst Milde
Race Director

Thomas Bobbert
Head of Unit

A warm welcome to the following 71 new members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee-Club

Stnr Name Ort Nat Tln BM
987 Traugott Boehlke Wilhelmshafen 10
988 Pawel Zach Warszawa POL 10
989 Michael Beintner Augsburg 10
990 Peter Dunsch Berlin 10
991 Helge Schroeter-Janssen Berlin 10
992 Olaf Schäfer Berlin 10
993 Helgo Wosnitza Hamburg 10
994 Eberhard Ortmann Berlin 10
995 Werner Metzner Berlin 10
996 Heinrich Fleck Berlin 10
997 Joachim Lode Stuttgart 10
998 Jochen Fleischmann Leonberg 10
999 Dieter Stahl Berlin 10
1001 Silvester Göbel Berlin 10
1002 Jürgen Köllner Berlin 10
1003 Klaus Sperber Berlin 10
1004 John le Cue Bristol GBR 10
1005 Bernd Nitsch Schöneiche 10
1006 Gerd Johst Sievershätten 10
1007 Hans Burger Osnabrück 10
1008 Nestor Arndt Berlin 10
1009 Jürgen Tröger Rehau 10
1010 Walter Dillenberger Kaufbeuren 10
1011 Jochen Alhäuser Erkelenz 10
1012 Svend Vorre Juelsminde DEN 10
1013 Frank Nikisch Leipzig 10
1014 Jörg Bartlewski Eckernförde 10
1015 Norbert Gieseler Berlin 10
1016 Michael Taeger Berlin 10
1017 Hans Paczkowski Berlin 10
1018 Helmut Stumpf Burgwedel 10
1019 Klaus Noffke Berlin 10
1020 Sven Wiesrecker Denzlingen 10
1021 Lothar Deiters Köln 10
1022 Dirk Kuchenbecker Unterhaching 10
1023 Holger Schröder Lübeck 10
1024 Christian Bossig Berlin 10
1025 Frank Thieme Berlin 10
1026 Heiko Eichhorn Harrislee 10
1027 Ulrich Becker Kronshagen 10
1028 Wilhelm Braun Recklinghausen 10
1029 Hartmut Bethke Allschwil SUI 10
1030 Günter Vollgraf Dortmund 10
1031 Klaus Heinrich Flensburg 10
1032 Helmut Braun Herrstein 10
1033 Tom Mogensen Idestrup DEN 10
1034 Klaus Kastmann Hildesheim 10
1035 Werner Quickert Lilienthal 10
1036 Kurt Kaidies Braunschweig 10
1037 Torsten Goede Hamburg 10
1038 Torsten Schaltz Ballerup DEN 10
1039 Sören Möller-Madsen Väggerlöse DEN 10
1040 Christian Pantzke Kleinmachnow 11
1041 Axel Thor Bielefeld 13
1042 Otto Levin-Pederson DEN 11
1043 Klaus Abramowski Aalen 11
1044 Olav Olsen Arendal NOR 11
1045 Alfons Winkelsett Senden 11
1046 Wolf-Dieter Lehmann Berlin 10
1047 Frank Helmut Bauereiss Berlin 14
1048 Volkmar Tietze Berlin 10
1049 Michael Juknat Berlin 10
1050 Gert Müller-Esch Konstanz 10
1051 Manfred Berners Bad Münstereifel-Gilsdorf 10
1052 Hartmut Scheer Berlin 10
F154 Regina Karnatz Berlin 10
F155 Nicole Priebe Berlin 10
F156 Imke Klocke Berlin 10
F157 Eva Hagemann Berlin 10
F158 Inge Springer Bad Oldesloe 10
R202 Dr. Reiner Pilz Berlin 10

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